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Complete Skin Collagen + HA Drink


Hydrolised Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid combine in this powerful supplement drink that improves skin from the inside

A supplement drink to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles. Hydrolysed Collagen increases the production of collagen to firm the skin whilst Hyaluronic Acid provides hydration to smooth the skin and improve radiance.

SIZE: 30 units

Complete Skin Collagen + HA is a powerful supplement drink that improves the firmness and density of your skin from the inside using 2 powerful key ingredients:

Hydrolised Collagen: Increases the production of collagen to firm the skin, 2400mgr
Hyaluronic Acid: Provides intense hydration to smooth the skin and improve radiance, 2400 mgr.
The ideal addition to your anti-ageing skin care routine obtaining faster more effective and lasting results.

Main benefits on the skin
Improves the skins firmness and suppleness
Reduces expression lines and wrinkles
Intensely hydrates the skin
Plums out the skin
Increases radiance
Note: Complete Skin Collagen + HA should be taken as a regular dietary supplement for a minimum of 3 weeks to see realistic benefits.

How Complete Skin Collagen + HA works
Collagen is the most abundant protein which makes up 30% of our body. It is part of the connective tissue in the skin that creates firmness and suppleness and is vital for skin elasticity, as well as stimulating skin cell renewal. Collagen production begins to decline around the age of 25 and then after the age of 50 we only produce 35% of the necessary amount needed.

Hydrolysed Collagen taken daily absorbs into the bloodstream and is distributed through the entire body, including the skin, where small fragments remain for up to 14 days. These fragments not only hydrate the body but stimulate fibroblasts to produce even more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – the compounds that give our skin its youthful qualities.

Other known benefits of Hydrolysed Collagen
Strengthens the hair and nails.
Improves general tiredness and fatigue.
Provides cohesion, suppleness and regeneration of the tendons, cartilages, bones and joints.
Repairs connective tissue & improves muscular growth
Collagen is high in Proline which can help to prevent hardening of the arteries and improve blood flow.
Addition information
Free from fat, carbohydrates, gluten, cholesterol and GMO
Completely safe (European Food Safety Authority Standard)
Natural protein, with a neutral smell and taste.
Contains 30 Sachets (one per day)
Recommended for:
All skin types
Ideal for skin with flaccidity, lines & wrinkles or dull stone
Damaged skin caused by sun, environmental pollution, tobacco, diet
Works well alongside cosmetic treatments and injectable fillers, providing a faster, more effective and natural lasting result.
Not suitable during pregnancy